Topology has Leveled Up

The ability to see inside your network just got easier. We have recently added Layer 3 visibility to the Meraki dashboard to create our L3 Topology View. We designed the view to dramatically increase the level of transparency into your deployment and to help network admins visually organize their network connections.

header L3

Previously, Meraki’s topology feature detailed how devices were physically connected. With the new view, you can now toggle the graph to also see how the network is logically connected using interfaces and subnets.

L3 Zoom

Nodes with interfaces on the same subnet will have lines drawn between them and are annotated with the subnet address for quick referencing. Hovering over a node with your cursor displays both the local interface addresses and routes.

Layer 3 VLAN

Comment on our Community Page
Let us know how you like the changes to the topology view inside the Meraki Community! We are always looking for new ideas on how to improve the dashboard.

To gain access to a beta release of the L3 Topology View, please contact Meraki Support.

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