Meraki Rebooted App Released

The new Meraki Rebooted app offers instant reboots for all your Meraki devices.

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The new Meraki Rebooted App has just released, and it brings a wide range of benefits to Meraki users.

Reboot singular or multiple Meraki devices remotely with ease through the Meraki Reboot app.

Schedule expected Downtime through the app and keep your devices up and running at all times with our safe, reliable Meraki Reboot app that allows for singular or multiple reboots at once.


Developed by the Splash Access team.

What Features does Meraki Rebooted Offer?

Instant Rebooting

Get your devices back up and running to ensure your business and services are reliable.

Easy to Use UI

Our ergonomic app design helps users learn how to reboot devices with ease as it is highly accessible.

Annual Plan

Start with a one year plan and start receiving the features that will keep your business up running and reliable.

Get Meraki Rebooted Today and experience the benefits.

Pro Plan

£2.99 per month

Meraki Rebooting

Singular and Concurrent Reboots

Unlimited Reboots

1000 Devices


Available on both App Stores Now!

Why Meraki Rebooted?


Ensure your Business is Reliable

Schedule Expected Downtime with the Meraki Rebooted mobile app. Fast reboots make sure that your hardware keeps running when you need it most.

Reboot Anytime, Anywhere

Remote rebooting makes it simple to control your Meraki devices even when you’re far from them.

Customer Service

Our top-class, professional customer service gives you assurance that your queries will always be answered instantly and any problems you encounter are taken care of.