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Designed with smart city & city-wide Wi-Fi applications in mind.
Citywide USA

Splash Access has developed it’s solutions to help global cities provide citywide connectivity and to establish a platform where the Internet of Things (IoT) can be fully utilized to develop new services for citizens.

In modern-day life, Wi-Fi accessibility goes far beyond Internet access. With a strong and reliable smart, city Wi-Fi solution it can help to deliver a multitude of services in areas such as parking, public safety, conservation and more.

With the correct infrastructure cities worldwide would be better equipped to face broader challenges, enabling them to close the gap on the digital divide and attract more investment to the towns and cities.

Beyond connecting people

City-wide availability of Wi-Fi coupled with the growth in IOT can help to greatly improve city living. Bringing Wi-Fi internet to community areas and social districts as well as shopping zones, business centres and transport hubs.

Town planning, sustainability, traffic management, maintenance, public safety, provision of government services…

are just some of the challenges that can be tackled by connecting sensors and objects with networks. By partnering with councils, business enterprises and local governments to bring city/town Wi-Fi to parks, stadiums and public buildings, helps create a super smart city.

Stay Safe!

Don’t fall foul of unsecured public Wi-Fi network. Guarantee secure & private surfing with data encryption & credential-based guest access.

Keep it simple

Naturally complex, simplicity is key. Preconfigured splash pages, network management platform & guest access functionality.

Be prepared.

A high-powered solution prepared and designed to withstand capacity & high-density scenarios. Important in ensuring complete reliability.

A better connected society

Developing a solution involves implementing a Wi-Fi network which is available to locals and tourists alike in key points of the city. Public Wi-Fi will ensure a better connected society and a more technological advanced city. Not only this but it will attract tourists and increase business as a result.

The benefits of City Wi-Fi is great; having internet access improves citizen and tourists ability to move around freely by Maps and public transport timetables, providing information and background on important historical landscapes or even providing feedback or emergency alerts for public services.

UK Citywide

Infinite Opportunities

What are the benefits?

The data acquired by public Wi-Fi can have multiple benefits other than simply providing internet access. Some of them include:

  • Enhanced city planning
  • Improvements on the local economy
  • Greater management of public services
  • Improved quality of life
  • A new way of living with innovative technologies
  • Providing an amenity for residents, students, visitors, and tourists
  • Bridging the digital divide and more…

Initiatives such as WiFi4EU, aids in the promotion of these services offering free access to Wi-Fi connectivity for citizens in public spaces including parks, squares, public buildings, libraries, health centres and museums in municipalities throughout Europe.

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