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Guest WIFI for Co-working

Create a custom splash page that can be integrated with our Shared Office Module through the Meraki Portal.
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Control and Allocate

Co-working Wi-Fi networks are designed specifically for multi-tenanted buildings allowing operators to tailor the connections to their members’ needs. Using a fully managed service provides the option for members to roam securely across the site, whether at their desk, in the common areas, or across various locations.

Businesses moving into co-working spaces may seek the community aspect, but that doesn’t mean they want to share confidential data. 

Splash Access co-working module allows co-working or shared office providers the ability to control access and allocate personal Business VLANS in one easy to use system.

Standalone Device Mac On-Boarding Portal

Each Business will have an login ID which allows us to tag that user onto a VLAN and Group Policy Policy ID’s based on a user’s group membership in our Office Module in Splash Access.

Splash Access has now developed a device on-boarding portal that will allow a client to self administer device Mac authentication for network access onto the correct Vlan and Group policy for devices that do not support captive portals.

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Simple & Efficient

Coworking space is trending, as more and more businesses are moving towards all inclusive office space.  The many advantages for businesses using coworking space are only achieved when the spaces accommodate business requirements such as remote working, mobile workforce infrastructure etc.

The Splash Access system allow spaces to offer a simple, convenient and cost effective solution to provide easy on-boarding/off-boarding of users. The ability to provide guest network access either to a separated line direct to the internet, and/or to gain access to several devices such as a shared printer.

Nexudus and SplashAccess

Benefit from the automation of all processes needed to run virtual or physical workspaces.

Helping to automate workflows, streamline operations, support your members and help you scale up your workspace. Connecting Nexudus with Splash Access can help to improve efficiencies, set up new workflows and keep growing your business.

Splash Access integrates with Nexudus to authenticate an active user onto the WIFI Network. The integration into the co-working platform is loaded with tools to help you make the most of your time, manage resources, promote your space and grow your co-working environment.

Next Gen Guest Wi-Fi

A new world of portals