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Splash Access Education Module

Delivering a “home away from home” experience
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Splash Access has developed a bespoke education system to meet the following requirements:

  1. For students to gain access onto a specified VLAN;
  2. For students to have control over their own devices on the network via mac address;
  3. For administrators to have the ability to manage users and their devices from a separate secure platform.

A custom generated splash page, integrated with our Education / Campus Module through the Meraki Portal, campus providers have the ability to control access and allocate personal dorm VLANS in one easy to use system. A secure access for management and control of devices for students and staff/admin. 

Pre-register and Onboard own devices

With a simple Captive portal, using their unique SSID credentials, students can login quickly and efficiently into the Campus network using any device required (mobile, desktop etc).

The Splash Access Device Registration Portal gives each student the ability to login to a guest SSID. Giving them a virtual network inside their dorm.

Each student can self register their own devices, onboarding and managing devices with no captive portal capabilities, such as Playstation, Xbox etc using their student credentials via the device registration portal. Students will even have the ability to pre-register and onboard devices weeks before coming to campus.

Control and Manage

The Tier1 Management portal gives administrators the ability to control and securely manage users and their devices. Reporting/Logs enables admin users to track lost or stolen devices.


education student login

Self-Administration & Onboarding

Allows a student to self administer device MAC authentication for network access onto the correct VLAN and Group policy.

Control and management

Administrators can control and securely manage users and their devices, using logs/reports to track lost or stolen devices.

Custom on-boarding splash portal

Customised splash page, integrated with our Education / Campus module through the Meraki portal.

A virtual network

Using the Device Registration Portal students have the ability to login to a guest SSID to manage and onboard their own devices.

SAML Authentication

Users should never experience unnecessary friction while registering, signing in, or accessing WIFI services. These services typically provide critical service functions such as trouble ticketing, online chat, management, community/social engagement as well as custom functionality built for a company’s unique business requirements.

Standards-Based Single Sign-On Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is the industry standard for browser-based single sign-on and is supported by Splash Access.

Education Dorm room

Wi-Fi for

Through providing free Wi-Fi to students, staff and visitors educational institutions can develop collaborative and interactive learning and enhance the digital studies’ curriculum.

Easy network management for the IT administration team

The bespoke admin dashboard allows the network administrators to easily manage all the campus devices, networks, SSIDs and the connected users quickly and efficiently.

Easy, accessible Wi-Fi access for students & staff

Students and Staff can onboard new devices easily and securely with minimal effort.

Splash Access provides a “home away from home” experience to students and staff.

Next Gen Guest Wi-Fi

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