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Providing secure, reliable, connectivity, onboarding and management.

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Multi-dwelling Unit (MDU) Solution

Delivering the best residential network experience EVER ! . Tenants now have a rapid, convenient, and protected Wi-Fi connection without any tiresome splash pages, manual addition of MAC addresses for devices, or exposure to unsecured Wi-Fi.

Award winning solution Designed 100% with Cisco Meraki for Cisco Meraki !

Residents require quick, easy and secure Wi-Fi connection.

Splash Access’ aim is to simply get residents connected and keep them connected in the most easy, user friendly way possible. Splash Access manages the deployments of all VLAN’s and networks.

Multi-dwelling units (MDUs), come in all shapes and sizes, consisting of student or military housing, luxury apartment complexes, senior living and more.

Whatever the complex, residents expectations are the same. Businesses invest a lot to provide a great living experience, not only standard living requirements such as water, heat and electricity, but a network service too. Supporting a number of smart devices, with demanding video and gaming services, and other high-bandwidth wireless applications. 


Providing complete branding customization for portals and emails, which includes adding your logo and main accent colors  and personalized experience for your students/ residents.


Residents can now access the Resident Portal to personalize their agreements, as well as to provide and track consents.

Group Access

Create account groupings to establish separate networks for teams and streamline access controll of multiple locations with Managers.

API Integrations

Use REST APIs to create and integrate SplashAccess with any platform, making account provisioning simpler.

User Administration

MSPs, group administrators, and property owners will have the ability to efficiently manage properties, students , resident services, branding, and compliance.

Network Roaming

Allow users to use the same personal WiFi password to connect in multiple locations across multiple networks


Full Azure AD authentication with group access levels for Vlan allocation and or Timers for different levels of student / Tenant Access

SAML 2.0 Auth

Full SAML authentication with group access levels for Vlan allocation and or Timers for different levels of Tennant / student Access .

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User Schedule

The WiFi service for residents Students can be scheduled for future activation and will automatically deactivate on a specific date.

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Super Secure

SpalshAccess automatically creates a “virtual bubble” where students / tenants can only see their own devices on the network, ensuring flexibility and control.

Layering API

Perfect Integration

Partnering with all the leading API technology companies in the housing / student sector for enhanced Splash Access features and functionality.

Sharing ideas

Easy Guest Access

Optional : Splash Access quickly authorises users onto the Meraki network, collecting customer data (name, email addresses etc.) as required.

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Stay Social

Splash Access integrates into APIs from major marketing tools and social networks like MailChimp, Twilio, Facebook, Twitter and more

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Get Inspired

Everything you need to create secure easy to use secure networks . Create a solution that is up and working in only a few hours !

What is a MDU WPN Network ?

WPN stand for Wireless Private Network , it allows each resident to onboard with a single WiFi KEY devices such as smartphones, computers, consoles, smart TV’s, Chromecast, printers, connected watches, connected speakers, etc  that can then can seamlessly connect to a secure private bubble within the WiFi network and communicate with each other.


Unlimited Wi-Fi access

If your Wi-Fi isn’t simple, reliable and secure this can turn into a nightmare for businesses and their residents. Splash Access can provide secure, reliable connectivity. With simple, secure onboarding and management. 


Secure, reliable connectivity with simple, secure onboarding and management. 


Connect any device, anywhere on the property, in seconds.


Quickly and securely control, streamline and assist residents.

Onboard devices simply and securely

Our secure onboarding makes Wi-Fi access simple—for both your residents and your IT team. Residents can connect any device, anywhere on the property, in seconds, through a branded self-service portal. They can log on once and never have to do anything again. And they can do it all through a platform that protects every connection with the strongest wireless encryption.

3Rd Party Housing API's

Secure, reliable connectivity with API integration into Housing systems 

SMS / Email Management

Onboard new tenants with Email and SMS services.

Tennant Management

Quickly control residents access with Bandwidth Controls.

Multi Dwelling

Private Portal Management

Splash Access allows your property manager to quickly and securely reset Wi-Fi passwords between lease agreements – and even schedule the next move-in. Helping to control your wireless users, streamline the move-in process and to assist residents set up their devices.

A secure residents portal provides a personalised touch to access vouchers, connect and manage devices and to provide the ability to activate guest devices


Next Gen Guest Wi-Fi

A new world of portals