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Providing a better end user experience

Enable buying from almost anywhere on any device.
Splash Access Payment Options

Perfect for Hotels/ Venues that want to charge

Splash Access provides a payment system with different billing gateways, as well as many additional features, to help break the frustration for both business and customer of paying online.

Providing a simple and effective splash page with option of payment gateway, e.g PayPal, Stripe for processing end user credit card transactions, IT administrators do not have to configure or maintain a credit card payment gateway and customers can get online quickly and easily with minimal fuss.

Secure, reliable premium Wi-Fi

The Splash Access payment system allows venues to provide their guests with secure, reliable Wi-Fi that is easy to manage and completely customisable. It allows businesses to offer free, easy to use guest Wi-Fi with payment options to charge for premium packages utilising a billing gateway of choice if they so wish.

For example, if a guest simply wanted to check their emails or browse social media site then they could do so. The hotel can charge for additional time online within a set time period as specified. 

Next Gen Guest Wi-Fi

A new world of portals