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A simple, robust way to accept payments or enable buying from almost anywhere — in your mobile app or online.

For any business, finding the right method for ensuring that customer card payments are always securely and carefully processed is of the utmost importance. Whether it is taking payments through online gateways or more traditional chip and pin terminals, businesses strive to provide customers with a safe and reliable method of completing their card transactions.

With SplashAccess’, businesses are provided with the perfect combination of both security and speed when processing their everyday credit card transactions. Offering integration with Braintree Credit Card Processing presents a controlled card handling solution that can be used with a flexible range of popular payment processors.

Braintree payment
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Splash Access Integration

Braintree offers a modern and flexible payments solution backed by Paypal. With global coverage, Braintree offers merchants a range of tools to help them scale their online payments. Currently they have merchants in more than 40 countries worldwide that use their gateway to accept, split and enable payments in more than 130 different currencies.

SplashAccess is now able to integrate with Braintree Payments, allowing users to utilise this gateway when taking payments against orders or customers in numerous different currencies.

With this integration to another popular payment processor, SplashAccess users are provided with even greater flexibility and options on how to best handle their everyday card transactions both quickly and securely.

braintree payment

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