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Cisco Meraki IPSK with WPN

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Identity PSKs, also known as iPSKs, are distinct pre-shared keys that are specifically generated for individuals or some groups of users sharing the same SSID. This feature provides the benefit of using the same SSID for all PSK related matters while at the same time allowing different keys and varying network rights among the users.

The iPSKs’ basic setup gets rid of complexities for the client and is suitable for IoT, BYOD, and guest deployments, and for the fact that most devices can support it. Our simple solution minimizes problems and lessens the dependence on continuous assistance for users who are not familiar with technology.

We can even simplify the onboarding more by creating CSV imports and mass key generation and printing .

Identity PSK or IPSK with WPN can be a more convenient and secure alternative to usernames and passwords for wireless network authentication. Although usernames and passwords are considered more secure, they can be bothersome for users, and some devices cannot support WPA2-Enterprise authentication. These factors increase the wireless overhead and reduce network security.

Identity PSK eliminates these concerns by serving as a typical WPA2 PSK SSID where clients are authenticated to a central server using their MAC address. It allows you to assign unique device keys, create identity-based groups, and scale them across the network. This authentication method is efficient, secure, and convenient for users while ensuring maximum protection.

What is a WPN Network ?

WPN stand for Wireless Private Network , it allows each resident to onboard with a single WiFi KEY devices such as smartphones, computers, consoles, smart TV’s, Chromecast, printers, connected watches, connected speakers, etc  that can then can seamlessly connect to a secure private bubble within the WiFi network and communicate with each other.

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User Schedule

The WiFi service for residents Students can be scheduled for future activation and will automatically deactivate on a specific date.

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Super Secure

SpalshAccess automatically creates a “virtual bubble” where students / tenants can only see their own devices on the network, ensuring flexibility and control.

Layering API

Perfect Integration

Partnering with all the leading API technology companies in the housing / student sector for enhanced Splash Access features and functionality.

Sharing ideas

Easy Guest Access

Optional : Splash Access quickly authorises users onto the Meraki network, collecting customer data (name, email addresses etc.) as required.

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Stay Social

Splash Access integrates into APIs from major marketing tools and social networks like MailChimp, Twilio, Facebook, Twitter and more

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Get Inspired

Everything you need to create secure easy to use secure networks . Create a solution that is up and working in only a few hours !

Splash Benefits

Easy Tenant Management

Allow Tenant managers the ability to onboard simply

CSV Onboarding

Upload CSV files for bulk onboarding and key generation

Secure Connectivity

Residents will always remain securley connected no matter where they are in the building !


Providing complete branding customization for portals and emails, which includes adding your logo and main accent colors  and personalized experience for your students/ residents.


Residents can now access the Resident Portal to personalize their agreements, as well as to provide and track consents.

Group Access

Create account groupings to establish separate networks for teams and streamline access controll of multiple locations with Managers.

API Integrations

Use REST APIs to create and integrate SplashAccess with any platform, making account provisioning simpler.

User Administration

MSPs, group administrators, and property owners will have the ability to efficiently manage properties, students , resident services, branding, and compliance.

Network Roaming

Allow users to use the same personal WiFi password to connect in multiple locations across multiple networks


Full Azure AD authentication with group access levels for Vlan allocation and or Timers for different levels of student / Tenant Access

SAML 2.0 Auth

Full SAML authentication with group access levels for Vlan allocation and or Timers for different levels of Tennant / student Access .

Flexibility and Control

With the popularity of mobile devices and the vast expansion of IoT devices growing around us, from surveillance cameras, and point-of sale devices improving our retail experience to sensors and medical devices streamlining hospital performance, it has increasingly forced network administrators to re-think and develop multiple ways to onboard devices to the network, in areas within Healthcare, Education, Government and more.

The ability to segment users, providing a private ‘virtual bubble’ where users can only see their own devices on the network and not those of others is an important factor in limiting vulnerability whilst still providing flexibility and control.

An uncomplicated, simplified security for IoT devices is made easier with IPSK.

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