Fast and reliable Healthcare WiFi solution

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Splash Access Healthcare Module

Secure, high speed WiFi to always stay connected

Splash Access has developed a fast and reliable Healthcare WiFi solution essential, not only for the use of latest medical technology but to provide a strong and reliable connection highly valuable for patients and guests.

Patients can communicate with family and friends, during their stay, short-term or long-term, as well as being able to use smart devices, which all help to boost their spirits during their hospital stay.

Splash Access provides a secure, stable, and reliable Wi-Fi solution. Having a reliable, consistent and secure connection to the internet through a healthcare setting has a range of benefits for both patients and staff.

Enabling access to a range of digital services, helps making care more efficient and helps patients take control of their own health and care.


Improve patient & staff experiences

Each trust and healthcare environment is unique and how each practise utilises and takes advantage of the WiFi platform to deliver healthcare benefits is dependent on each setting.

Splash Access is here to advise and is more than happy to assist with any ideas and suggestions to provide the most out of your service.


Staff Access

Wi-Fi for

Patient benefits
  • access personal health records, appointments, and prescription requests
  • use health apps, manage and research their conditions
  • interact with patient support networks
  • use health-based information services
  • remain in contact with friends and family while receiving care
Clinician and Staff benefits:
  • access information on the move
  • direct patients to online support
  • connect their mobile devices to deliver care
  • offer online consultations

Next Gen Guest Wi-Fi

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