Secure IPSK QR Guest WIFI

Rotating WPA2 encryption Keys

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Authenticating clients on to a Network

with individual IPSK QR passwords on one SSID

Secure and Easy Guest QR IPSK Wi-FI

Offering your customers secure guest wi-fi has never been easier and Splash Access has the perfect solution for onboarding visitors with ease , Simply scan the QR code for secure guest access with a ever changing IPSK WPA2 key .

Simple , Secure and fully automated in the Cisco Meraki Dashboard.

Meraki Splash Access the first Captive solution to offer full WPA2 Secure Guest wifi Option!

Easy Wi-Fi Access

A simple on-boarding system, users only need to scan a QR code to get access to a network

QR display

The Secure WPA2 solution is developed to allow the key and QR code to be displayed on a Media display or tablet .

IPSK WPA2 Rotation

Rotating IPSK WPA2 keys provide the opportunity to offer secure encrypted guest Wi-Fi access every day. 

Secure encrypted guest WIFI every day

Splash Access for Cisco Meraki  is now capable of rotating WPA keys on the Meraki network every 24 Hrs. This gives you the opportunity to offer secure encrypted guest WIFI every day . We have developed a solution that allows you to display the key and QR code on a Media display or tablet .

With powerful options built into the SplashAccess admin portal you can change all the aspects of how the user connects to the network.  All accounts now have this functionality built in by default .

Splash Benefits

API integration

Splash Access has integrated with various API’s for major marketing tools, social media and more.

No compromises

Without the compromise of security, Splash Access provides an easy on-boarding system for your guests

Automatic Provisioning

Automatically provision a custom splash page solution that integrates into the Meraki cloud instantly.

Trusted by Global Brands

The Powerful Splash Access offers the feature to rotate IPSK keys on the Meraki network according to your preferred time interval. This enables you to provide secure encrypted guest WiFi on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Our solution allows you to conveniently display the key and QR code on a media display, tablet, or any device of your choice.With robust options integrated into the SplashAccess admin portal, you can customize all aspects of user network connections. 

Next Gen Guest Wi-Fi

A new world of portals