Management Solution

Providing secure and reliable onboarding and management of user bandwidth levels.

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Cisco Meraki Satellite Management Solution. Ideal for oil rigs, oil tankers, cruise ships and mining camps, allowing monitoring of individual user bandwidth.

Users require quick, easy and secure Wi-Fi connection.

Splash Access’ aim is to simply get users connected and keep them connected in the most easy, user friendly way possible. Splash Access manages the deployments of all VLAN’s and networks.

Our iPSK Satellite Solution is ideal for oil rigs, oil tankers or mining camps, allowing for reliable management of Wi-Fi users with the additional ability of bandwidth controls, to see bandwidth usage over time and reduce bandwidth levels for particular users that have exceedingly high levels.

Use the Satellite Solution to set Data Limits allocated to each member, with the ability to override users who have surpassed their data limits. The ability to perform these overrides can be designated to an independent management admin – ie the captain of the ship.

Hourly logging of the members’ data usage is provided within the Splash Access management portal.

Unlimited IPSK Wi-Fi Access

Poor Wi-Fi connectivity can quickly transform into a nightmare for both businesses and residents, as simplicity, reliability, and security are key factors that cannot be compromised. However, with Splash Access, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be equipped with a robust and secure network solution. Our services not only ensure reliable connectivity but also offer effortless onboarding and management, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.


Secure, reliable connectivity with simple, secure onboarding and management. 


Connect any device, anywhere on the site, in seconds for quick Wi-fi access.


Quickly and securely control, streamline and manage users bandwith.

Onboard Devices Simply and Securely

Our secure onboarding makes Wi-Fi access simple—for both your residents and your IT team. Users can connect any device, anywhere on the property, in seconds, through a branded self-service portal. They can log on once and never have to do anything again. And they can do it all through a platform that protects every connection with the strongest wireless encryption.

Bandwidth Controls and Data Limits

The solution gives the ability to monitor bandwidth usage, as well as the authority to override users who have surpassed their data limits.

Hourly Logging of Member Data

The satellite management solution offers hourly data logging and user data usage monitoring for administrators, available in the admin portal. Hourly data logging captures detailed usage information at regular hourly intervals, providing administrators with valuable insights into satellite resource utilisation. They can access comprehensive reports to monitor individual users’ data usage, enabling efficient resource allocation and informed decision-making for optimising network performance.

Data Limits

Data Limits are allocated per member, with the ability to override users who have surpassed their data limits.

SMS / Email Management

Onboard new users with Email and SMS services.

User Management

Quickly control users’ access with Bandwidth Controls.

ipsk mdu satellite solution

Private Portal Management

Splash Access allows your site manager to quickly and securely reset Wi-Fi passwords between lease agreements – and even schedule the next group of workers. Helping to control your wireless users, streamline the move-in process and to assist users set up their devices.

A secure worker’s portal offers a personalised touch, allowing easy access to vouchers, seamless device connectivity, and efficient device management. Additionally, it empowers users with the ability to effortlessly activate guest devices, ensuring a smooth and convenient process.


Next Gen Guest Wi-Fi

A new world of portals