DUO Secure MFA for Meraki Wi-Fi

Splash Access is now offering Multi-Factor Authentication with DUO, providing an additional layer of security.

Multi Factor Wi-Fi Authentication

Easy, Flexible Cyber secure SplashAccess WiFi solutions for everyone

What is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is the practice of adding multiple unique authentication methods to user identity verification at login.

What does 2FA Stand for?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) – The practice of adding a second unique authentication method to user identity verification at login

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an access security product used to verify a user’s identity at login. It adds two or more identity-checking steps to user logins by use of secure authentication tools. Adding MFA keeps your data secure. With Cisco Secure Access by Duo, it’s easier than ever to integrate and use.

What Does Multi-Factor Authentication Protect Against?


A program or software that enters a system to access personal data or steal passwords with malicious intent 

(ie. credential or credit card number theft, exploitation of personal contact information, demands of ransom payment for data)


A program or individual that disguises itself in order to gain access to data 

(ie. a user receives a text message asking for a banking password. The message appears to be their bank, but is someone looking to steal information)


A malware attack which successfully siezes personal or company data, or locks users out and then demands monetary payment (ransom) in exchange for the stolen data. It is designed to deny or limit the user’s access to their system until the ransom is paid. Although, paying a ransom doesn’t guarantee data.

What Type of Security is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Identity Security –  An essential security control in today’s digital world, identity security products are used to verify the user’s identity and prevent use of stolen passwords / compromised credentials

Secure Access – The idea that anyone who accesses data is properly verified to ensure all logins are benevolent and safe

Zero Trust – A cybersecurity strategy framework that encourages users and organisations to take added security measures, assuming that nothing can be trusted without proper verification. Zero trust is often described by the mantra of “never trust, always verify”

Verify Identity In Seconds

Protect Wi-Fi SSID on Any Device

Easily Deploy Duo on Splash Access

Scalable MFA Secure WiFi

Why Duo?

MFA That Works Everywhere

Duo deploys in most major apps out of the box and integrates with custom applications with minimal IT involvement, making it a scalable secure access solution.

Tired of Typing Passwords?

With Duo Password-less Authentication, users only have to verify once in a timeframe set by administrators, making it simpler than ever to log on securely.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Provide safer, simpler access with just one username and password. Stay Ahead of Cybersecurity Risks with Software that Works with You.