Telstra Air World WiFi day

Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunication is providing free access to all of its Telstra Air Wi-Fi hotspots around the country as part of World Wi-Fi Day.

Telstra said it would offer free Wi-Fi from June 17 to June 20. Its acting head of Wi-Fi Dan Kelly has advised that “anyone with a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone, tablet or other device will be able to surf, share or stream for free” at Telstra’s Air Wi-Fi hotspots around Australia.

Wi-Fi users can access free Wi-Fi by connecting to “Telstra Free Wi-Fi” when in range of a participating Telstra Wi-Fi hotspot, accessing 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi. – Channel News

Telstra is in fact one of six nations where partners of Wi-Fi network Fon have agreed to provide free access for very limited periods. The other nations are UK, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium and Romania.

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