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Voucher Printing System

SplashAccess has now developed a fully integrated Cisco Meraki Voucher Printing system on a custom Android device.


Create Dynamic Access Codes

This new update for Splash Access allows you to print custom vouchers codes with duration , Vlan and number of devices instantly from our smart managed devices.

Printing Access Vouchers with Group Policies, Duration and Number of devices

Ideal for Receptions, Shared Offices, Camping sites and Hotels.  Easily manage the onboarding of guests with a simple click of a button.

No computer is required to print out the code, as the printer is directly connected to the internet wirelessly. Simply get a voucher code from our servers when you push the button.

A very simple all in one solution to get a voucher printed by automatically inserting the information into the Cisco Meraki controller, the guests are able to join the network.

The Hardware

The Splash Access Voucher system works with the following device The T2 MINI, V2 Pro and the T2 all-in-one Android POS terminals which are compact, intelligent powerful and future-proof. Perfect for use in various business scenarios including Hotels, Meeting Rooms , Receptions etc.


The T2 MINI incorporates both NFC and camera, making it a highly integrated voucher printing device.

Compact, but Practical

The form & size of our devices takes the land occupation as the starting point, making it suitable for locations with limited space.

Craftsmanship in Every Touch

Industrial technology endows the Splash Access devices which provides high-quality at lower-price.

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