Updated Micros Opera PMS System

Hotel Wi-FI Login System

NEW Easy to configure Opera MICROS integration.
Hotel admin desk

The hotel WIFI login system process can be a complicated one, which takes up a great deal of time and effort. The new SplashAccess Opera Hotel Integration API has the ability to authenticate a guest and allocate room VLAN’s in one solution to provide a problem free solution for hotels and their guests.

Accelerate your hotel business.

With trusted, integrated hotel WIFI management including point-of-sale and QOS solutions. Whatever your business requirements, SplashAccess provides the reliability and flexibility you need.

Share Information

A highly effective software for property management and core central systems it introduces new concepts of guest service and service delivery, providing accurate, timely information to empower management and staff.

The MICROS OPERA, which offers hotel operators the ability to share information across multiple applications and properties on a single database while providing the necessary enterprise software solutions and tools for Property and Central operations, is the hospitality industry’s most comprehensive software for property management and core central systems.

MICROS provides technical and operational enterprise software solutions for independent hotels and hotel chains and can be deployed in a seamless local, regional, or global environment, thus providing an unparalleled free flow of information.