Cisco Meraki Webex Integration

Speed up and Simplify

Let your guests easily connect to Wi-Fi in seconds
cisco webex touch

Speed up and simplify your guest Wi-Fi access with Splash Access by integrating Cisco Meraki API’s, Splash Access automatically creates and displays dynamic WPA2 access codes to provide secure and fast Wi-Fi access.

The Wi-Fi access will be provided using an automatically generated access code which can be displayed on tablets, smart TV’s or Webex boards. Users just need to scan the code and will be promptly redirected to connection acceptance.

Codes are rotated every day / week / month per requirements.

Cisco Webex Hardware

The Splash Access Webex integration uses a simple API call to pull the rotating access code and display to users for quick and easy access onto the network.

The Cisco Touch control unit is an intuitive device designed to give you a delightful experience when interacting with Cisco video conferencing systems – with just a touch or swipe of your finger. This touch-based unit is optimized for an effortless user experience – from launching and ending a video conference, to sharing content, to viewing contact lists and directories, and even accessing voicemail messages.

Secure and fast Wi-Fi access

Automatically create and display dynamic WPA2 access codes to provide secure and fast Wi-Fi access.