Hyundai Rockar Meraki & Splash Access

Hyundai Motor has partnered with Rockar for the creation of a new digital car showroom that aims to change the traditional way of buying a car.

Splash Access have deployed their “Pro Multi Accounts” both in store and at Hyundai’s service centre to allow easy access onto to the Guest Wifi network. Rockar are utilizing the powerful MX80 security device and the MS220 POE switches to complete the solution. Shoppers will be able to research a car, book a test drive, get a price for their old car, choose a payment option, buy and organise a service of their car in the retail outlet.

“Hyundai believes in putting the customer first and making sure that they have a great experience when buying and owing a car,” said Tony Whitehorn, president and CEO, Hyundai Motor UK.

“Rockar Hyundai is an exciting new way for consumers to be able to buy a new car. It is innovative, challenging and it utilises the latest modern technologies to make life easier for our customers.”

Rockar founder Simon Dixon said: “Our independent research has revealed that almost 40 per cent of Britons are more likely to buy a car if they can avoid talking to salesmen. Almost half say they’d be more likely to buy a car if it was as easy as buying clothes, food and gadgets.

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