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SplashAccess is please to announce our new product range for interactive content based on Geo-Location or proximity to Cisco Meraki Bluetooth AP beacons. SplashPush platform has a powerful mobile site and landing page builder integrated. You can use those to create content which you can use to trigger your scenarios. Works with all Meraki AP’s with BLE or any third party beacon.

Robust feature set right out of the box.

Bluetooth beacons, iBeacons, or Meraki AP’s send out a signal which can be received and processed by smartphones and tablets . We can use these beacons to send custom content browser triggered by the geofence or Bluetooth. Click here for more info : SplashPush

What do you need for Proximity Marketing?

Proximity Marketing is the ability to provide a smartphone user with digital information based on their physical proximity to an object. For example, a person walks into a store and stands near a shoe display. The proximity marketing system will provide information to their app about the shoes on sale, or other marketing information. The user has to install our app to receive beacon signals and trigger notifications. We’ve created Proximity App for this purpose, so you have no development cost. You need a tool to manage notification scenarios. What content should show when and where. For this purpose we’ve created our Proximity Platform. Finally, you need at least one Bluetooth beacon.

  • Create content for the visitors of a venue or event.
  • Create triggers for push notifications and content.
  • Publish and promote (QR) codes for scenarios.
  • Analyze the results, improve and repeat.


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