Cisco Meraki Fishbowl integration

Splash Access has developed and implemented a module to push data into Fishbowl from you Cisco Meraki WIFI network. Fishbowl provides online marketing software and services for restaurants which allows you Acquire and engage customers using email .

Fishbowl is dedicated to helping restaurants reach their guests across the digital landscape and by bringing together Splash Access and Meraki it enables Ongoing guest data acquisition which are important to your business. Both list size and member quality are the keys to successful guest engagement and this API integration completes both objectives.

  Guests Known

Analytics to help you increase visits from lapsed guests by 120%

  • Member Profiler – Better serve members through interactions based on customer demographic and behavioral data
  • Total Menu Management – Develop a winning pricing strategy and maximize profitability through comprehensive menu analytics
  • 360 CRM data leveraged in campaigns and promotions to attract new or lapsed guests and drive visits

  Guests Reached

An email platform with a 95%deliverability rate 

  • Campaign Services – Optimize ROI through test and learn campaigns designed to optimize marketing performance
  • Email – Truly engage your list by creating targeted emails based on a customer’s preferred content, timing, and channel  
  • Local Store Marketing – Deliver authentically local messaging and a consistent brand image

 Guests Delighted

25% loyalty conversion rates through an omni-channel approach

  • Programs designed to foster loyal relationships with individuals and maximize value for both your brand and guests
  • Promotions Manager delivers closed-loop promotions to influence in-store behavior, optimize discounts, and reduce fraud
  • Guest relationships enriched no matter how frequently they visit

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