Byte Night

SplashAccess supports Byte Night

Splash Access has supported Byte Night for a second year offering Captive Portals for access...
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traffic analytics MX

Meraki MX feature border control

How to configure geo-based firewall rules To enable filtering based on geographic locale, simply navigate...
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Cisco Meraki MV Sense Analytics with SMS Alerts

Splash Access is pleased to announce the first integration into the New Cisco Meraki MV...
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Active Directory

Cisco Meraki AZURE AD with SplashAccess

Splash Access have been really busy over the past few months and have some exciting...
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Splash Access now integrates directly into the Marketo API

Cisco Meraki Access Points / MX security devices now integrates directly into the Marketo API...
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Springer Miller

Springer Miller Cisco Meraki Guest WIFI Interface.

Splash Access for Cisco Meraki is pleased to announce certification for use with SMS -...
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Splash Go

New SplashGo Guest WIFI in a Box

SplashAccess is please to announce the launch of SplashGo , Everything you need to offer...
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V3 Splash Access

NEW SplashAccess V3 portal with more features than ever before !

SplashAccess is pleased to announce V3 of our portal. Build Captive Portals with marketing capture,...
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WPA2 login

New Secure WPA Guest WIFI

Splash Access for Cisco Meraki is now capable of rotating WPA keys on the Meraki...
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Field Day Cisco Meraki

Splash Access featured at Cisco Meraki Wireless Field Day

Raj Krishna, Wireless Product Manager, presents the Cisco Meraki wireless platform. He discusses enterprise integration,...
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