Cisco Meraki AZURE AD with SplashAccess

Splash Access have been really busy over the past few months and have some exciting new updates to share with you . We are pleased to announce our new module for direct Azure AD integration .

Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive, highly available identity and access management cloud solution that combines core directory services, advanced identity governance, and application access management, Splash Access can now use the AD to authorize users and allocate them onto Vlan’s .

What is Azure Active Directory (AAD)?

Managing customer and employee information properly can be a daunting task for any organization, and determining whether that information should be kept on-premise or in the cloud even more so. Active Directory (AD) is one identity management tool that can help businesses in this respect. AD has had some big changes since its early inception .

In the olden days of Microsoft Windows Server AD, you had a simple on-premise repository that stored a limited amount of customer and/or employee information. With the advance of the public cloud, specifically Azure, the ability to scale based on company growth became a reality. Microsoft responded to the need for scalability by building Azure Active Directory.

The great part about Azure AD is that it can be connected in a few different ways. It already offers single sign-on across all of Microsoft’s online business services (such as Office 365) but also allows access to thousands of popular SaaS applications such as Salesforce, DropBox, and Google Apps. In a hybrid environment, it can also be integrated with existing on-prem resources to give organizations the manage access to cloud-based applications through their on-prem environment.

For an extra layer of security, Azure AD also offers native support for multifactorauthentication when it comes to accessing your applications. This support is an additional (but small) cost.

Active Directory is an important component for any successful business. If you need a repository that can quickly scale to accommodate new growth, then Azure Active Directory can help you achieve that scale. The identity management features it offers can also help organizations properly secure their applications and ensure regulatory compliance, all while cutting costs.

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