Meeting room

SplashAccess Co-Working Office

This new update for Splash Access allows you to create a custom splash page that...
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Hotel admin desk

SplashAccess Hotel Integration

For customers and businesses, the hotel system process can be a complicated one, which takes...
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Advanced Location Analytics

SplashCMX from Ormit Solutions enables clients to use location data from the Cisco Meraki cloud...
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Lobby Ambassador

SplashAccess Guest Ambassador

Meraki Splash Ambassador, is a straight forward easy to use visitor administration system were the...
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Payment system

SplashAccess Payment

SplashAccess’ PayPal Pro account offers credit card billing and supports PayPal Standard, Express, Braintree and...
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Free guest wifi

SplashAccess Multi-Pro

SplashAccess’ Traditional accounts with automatic login system, social media, advert system and many more amazing...
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