New Features
JT Global

SplashAccess are partnering with JT Global

Splash Access are partnering with JT Global to provide free WIFI access for the NatWest...
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Cisco Meraki

Meraki WIFI Video Module

Just a quick update to let you know after another 6 months development cycle Splash...
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Paypal Integration

Cisco Meraki PayPal Migration

To help with the migration of you Meraki PayPal account to Splash Access we have...
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Splash Access CIsco Meraki

Cisco Meraki Technical Partner

Splash Access have been working hard with clients all over the world and have been...
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Cisco Meraki Fishbowl integration with Splash Access WiFI

Splash Access has developed and implemented a module to push data into Fishbowl from you...
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Jersey Live

Jersey Live WIFI Powered by JT Global and SplashAccess

Splash Access has provide free WIFI guest access together with JT Global for a second...
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Splash Access cloud managed

Splash Access Meraki Splash Page Upgrades

Splash Access Meraki Splash Page Email Marketing System Upgrade. The new upgrade now allows you...
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Ambassador System

Meraki Splash Guest Ambassador

Meraki Splash Guest Ambassador, a straight forward easy to use visitor email administration system that...
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Telstra Air

Telstra Air World WiFi day

Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunication is providing free access to all of its Telstra Air Wi-Fi...
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Splash Access cloud managed

Updated SplashAccess Website

We have been busy over Christmas and have updated the Splash Access website with an...
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