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Splash Lander for Cisco Meraki

Splash Lander for Cisco Meraki WIFI
Landing pages, lists, email automation and Eddystone beacons

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Build landing pages, lists, email automation and send nearby notifications with Eddystone beacons. Easily create content with the Splash Lander dashboard to show when a user opens a notification.
Splash Access has the ability to forward custom landing url’s within Splash Lander

Coffeeshop Eddystone


Eddystone is an open beacon format developed by Google. Eddystone can be detected by both Android and iOS devices.

Eddystone Beacons are small devices that you can place virtually anywhere. They emit an identifying signal that can be picked up by a smartphone and trigger content. They can be used for indoor mapping or releasing messages relevant to the user’s location.


The Eddystone Beacons have been developed to work without an app, showing notifications whenever a user walks by a coffee shop, for instance, or a museum. The app can provide background information on the exhibit or special offers from the store you’re standing nearby.

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