Meraki Visitor Management Solution

Private IPSK for Cisco Meraki

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Authenticating Visitors Securely

with individual passwords on one SSID

The SplashAccess IPSK Visitor Manager Solution will help to streamline the process of managing visitors to an organization. It would provide an efficient way for the organization to track and monitor visitors, ensuring they are following the organizations policies and procedures.

The application would make it easier for the organization to manage a variety of visitor types, from contractors to onetime visitors securely with one time secure WPA keys

SpalshAccess will  maintain a list of existing visitors, manage their profile data, and use & maintain a visitor activity log. It can also provide notifications to staff when a new visitor is scheduled for a visit.

The solution would provide features like automated security checks, visitor notifications, staff onboarding, online security checklists, and more. It can also work closely with other systems in the organization, from IT to HR, to ensure seamless coordination and access to information. The application could also include analytics and reporting tools to track, analyze, and improve the effectiveness of visitor management.


Easy & scalable

What is IPSK?

Identity PSK or iPSK allows the flexibility of using the same SSID for everything PSK related and still have different keys and different rights on the network, all controlled from SplashAccess.



Single SSID, multiple keys, Secure Per -User Access


visitors and send them Keys via TXT or Email


802.1x solution with VLANs, ACLs, SGT, bandwidth controls per user. 


 The Splash Access Visitor solution allow you to choose to send pre-registered guests an email invitation that includes your logo. The invitation will provide details such as the date, time, and name of the person they are meeting. It will also include directions and a QR code that can be scanned upon arrival to the office. 

Having an accurate report is crucial in both emergency and non-emergency situations. By using our mobile web app , you can always have access to a real-time and powerful reports that reflects the current visitor status of everyone on site. 


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