Cisco Meraki Wireless
Health API Integration

Perfect companion for Meraki AP's

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Meraki Wireless Health

Powerful heuristics for smarter troubleshooting
wireless health

Splash Access is pleased to announce the first integration into the New Cisco Meraki Wireless Health API . 

Using Wireless Health API and Splash Access , an IT administrator can immediately see whether users are (or aren’t) able to successfully access the wireless network and can easily identify problematic access points, clients, and failing connection stages that are causing a poor end user experience.

The Most Advanced Meraki Wireless Health API Integrations

SplashAccess MWH API integrations is the perfect companion to the Meraki Access Points and Captive portal users.

At its core, Wireless Health is a powerful heuristics engine that rapidly identifies anomalies impacting end users’ experience across every stage of client connectivity — association, authentication, IP addressing, and DNS availability — for rapid root cause analysis and response.

Using Wireless Health, you can immediately see if users are able to access your network, identify problematic APs and clients, and pinpoint stages of failure.

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