Protect Your WIFI Network with Azure

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra, is an enterprise identity service that provides single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and conditional access to guard against 99.9 percent of cybersecurity attacks. Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based identity and access management service. This service helps you secure Cisco Meraki WIFI access to internal resources. It integrates seamlessly with Splash Access software to provide unrivalled protection.

Get Secured, Adaptive Access

Help protect access to resources and data using strong authentication and risk-based adaptive access policies without compromising user experience on Splash Access. Identity Protection uses learnings Microsoft has acquired from their organisations with AAD and the consumer space with Microsoft Accounts. This allows organisations to accomplish three key tasks:

  • Simple Secure Authentication on SSID
  • Allocate VLANS on group level in AD.
  • Remove access simply via AUth.
azure active directory authenticated wi-fi

Offer Seamless User Experiences

Provide a quick and easy sign-in experience to keep your users productive, reduce time managing passwords and minimise friction within your systems.

Azure Active Directory self-service password reset (SSPR) gives users the ability to change or reset their password, with no administrator or help desk involvement. If a user’s account is locked or they forget their password, they can follow prompts to unblock themselves and get back to work.

This ability reduces help desk calls and loss of productivity when a user can’t sign in to their device or an application.

Get Started with an SplashAccess AD Demo account

Single sign-on simplifies access to your networks

Conditional WiFi access and multi-factor authentication help secure networks

A single identity control plane grants full visibility and control of your environment

A single identity control plane grants full visibility and control of your environment

azure active directory authenticated wi-fi

Unify your Identity Infrastructure Management

Simplify the experience of managing and securing your entire identity infrastructure with the Microsoft Entra admin centre. Microsoft’s identity solutions span on-premises and cloud-based capabilities. These solutions create a common user identity for authentication, regardless of location. This is called hybrid identity.

Simplify Identity Governance

Help ensure that only authorised users have access to apps and data for users and admins with efficient automated identity governance.