Splash Access page with a Cisco Meraki access point?

Splash Access page with a Cisco Meraki access point?

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To add your Splash page into the Cisco Meraki access point you will firstly need to login to your meraki control panel.

Once you have successfully logged in please follow the steps below.

1) Splash Page Settings

  • Click on Wireless – Splash Page
  • Select your SSID from the drop down
  • Under Custom splash URL :-
  • Select ‘Or provide a URL where users will be redirected’
  • Enter the URL of the Splash page into the input box i.e https://www.splashaccess.com/mypage
  • Under Splash behavior :-
  • Change the Splash frequency to Every day
  • Click on Save Changes

2) Access Control Settings

  • Click on Wireless – Access Control
  • Under Network Access :-
  • In Association requirements – Select ‘Open (no encryption)’
  • In Splash page – Select ‘Click-through’
  • Scroll down to Walled Garden and Select Walled Garden is Enabled from the drop down
  • In Walled Garden Ranges –
  • *.splashaccess.com
  • *.splashaccess.net
  • *.wifi.direct
  • *.splash-access.com
  • *.google-analytics.com
  • Click on Save Changes
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