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Advert System

Deliver full screen Video adverts across all devices.

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Advert System for Cisco Meraki WIFI

SplashAccess has the ability to advertise direct to your customers

Video or Static Adverts

Splash Access for Cisco Meraki Wireless is now capable of delivering full screen Video adverts across all devices.

Splash Access allows you to create a fully customisable captive portal into the Cisco Meraki cloud instantly. As before this allows you to data capture users before they log on to the Wi-Fi network but now Splash Access allows you to push a video or static advert as part of the sign in process.

Adverts System

Direct Advertisement

Splash Access Cisco Meraki Splash Pages has the ability to advertise direct to your customers using Video or Static adverts. You can even set when to show the full screen advert, either before they enter their details to login or after. Other features added to this module include timers, skip button and more.

Once logged in you can re-direct customers to a specific website or simply let them continue with their web browsing session, we currently offer 5 types of login system for collecting customer data. Our most popular is the standard type which collects email address and name along with custom questions i.e. Age, Postcode which you can configure in the admin panel.

SMS, Paypal and Member systems allow you to switch the system based on your needs and customer base. We also offer a business solution allowing total control of access onto your wi-fi network via our Guest Ambassador system.

Control your data

Offering your customers wi-fi has never been easier and Splash Access helps you collect important customer data to ensure you can keep in touch with them. Splash Access gives you the control over the quality of data you collect, all done via the admin panel.

Within weeks Splash Access has helped clients to collect 1000’s of customer records to use in their marketing campaigns that otherwise would have been lost, and its all your data.

Meraki Splash Access the first Captive solution to offer full screen video adverts!

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