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SMS Login for Cisco Meraki WIFI

SplashAccess has the ability to Sign-on with SMS Authentication
SMS Authentication

SMS Authentication

Let visitors sign on to your guest network using SMS authentication.

Adding to our built-in splash page capabilities, Meraki APs now feature SMS-based splash authentication. It’s quite straightforward. Users connect to the wireless network and enter a mobile phone number. Then they receive an authorization code via SMS, and once they enter the code into the splash page, they’re granted access to the network.

With SMS authentication, a business can provide self-service connection to guest wireless without having to manually verify that only real people are trying to connect.

How does it work?

Using the Meraki cloud, it is possible to allow new users to sign on via SMS authentication codes. By utilizing this approach, an administrator can tie each new user to a unique phone number that is displayed on the Clients page in dashboard under the ‘Recent User’ column.

This data can be used to run SMS campaigns and for validation purposes to ensure that a user has provided personal information that can be used to track them, should they abuse the network.

Splash Sign-on Flow

The network sign-on method for a new user will be as follows:

  1. User accesses SSID with SMS splash authentication enabled.
  2. Splash page requesting phone number is displayed.
  3. User enters their phone number, an authorization code is sent via the user’s carrier to their phone.
  4. User enters the unique authorization code into the splash page and presses the ‘enter’ button, is granted access.
  5. The user’s phone number is stored in dashboard.
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