Only authorized visitors have access to your facility

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Reception/Lobby for Cisco Meraki WiFi

Splash Access has developed a safe and efficient visitor platform
Lobby Ambassador

Enhance Security and Experience

Splash Access’ Reception/Lobby Ambassador system is an easy to use system were the receptionist decides whether to send out Logon information in one of the following ways: SMS, Email or Mail

Enhancing security and improving the experience of your visitors, contractors and employees. The system is built to protect your employees and your property making sure that only authorized visitors have access to your facility.

What we can do?

  • Improved Security
    SMS/Email/Print with secure WPA2 option
  • Reinforce brand & identity
    Fully customisable with logo, colour scheme and backgrounds, reinforcing organisation identity as soon as visitors arrive.
  • Simplify administration
    PRO features with reception CP

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