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Email Marketing for Cisco Meraki WIFI

SplashAccess PRO includes Internal SMTP Email

Splash Access integrates into email marketing solutions offering advanced Automation: the right email, right on time.

The newest full API integration partnership is into Emma. The best email marketing is personal, relevant, and timely. With Emma’s Advanced Automation suite, you can check all three boxes — and in less time.

Most activity happens outside of the inbox – purchases, web visits, reviews – you name it. With Emma, as long as you’re capturing the data, you can automate from it.

More integrations…

Splash Access also integrates into other marketing service providers, such as Marketo and Mailchimp. Delivering a broad range of capabilities that would otherwise require multiple disconnected solutions.

Internal SMTP email

Depending on the scenario, it may be necessary to configure the SMTP service to relay inbound messages for your internal domains. Having your email server both owned, run by, and operated internally from your company, providing more control and tighter security.

Splash Access’ PRO accounts includes the internal SMTP feature, which allows you to limit what servers and applications can send emails.

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