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Voucher Option for Cisco Meraki

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Pre-Paid Vouchers for Cisco Meraki WIFI
Assign, Generate and Send
with Splash Access’ Pre-paid Vouchers

Pre-Paid Vouchers

The Pre-paid voucher system allows users to assign a voucher to a specific person or create a batch of vouchers, generate the codes and send the voucher codes out to the customers.

By adding a Reference name, it can be personalised to the company Splash account. The codes can also be exported as a CSV file.

How does it work

STEP 1 – Each user can simply be given a voucher code (via email, SMS or print-out)

STEP 2 – A time period for how long they are allowed access is set.

You can enter the users email address to a specific email account if you know this, if not you can leave blank. You can also select how many devices you are allowing that person to use during their subscription, if you don’t wish to have a max, some small customisations can be made for the system to ignore this. Please contact us to request this feature.

STEP 3 – The system will then allow the users to access for time period specified, they won’t need to enter their Voucher Code again until the time has expired, they may need to login with their details again if their session expires with the Meraki.

If you would prefer our system to remember your users via the Auto Login feature this will need to customised. Please contact us to request this feature.

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