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Ambassador PRO for Cisco Meraki

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Ambassador PRO for Cisco Meraki WIFI
A straight forward easy to use visitor administration system

Easy to use

The Meraki Splash Ambassador system is a straight forward easy to use visitor email administration system that can authorize a guest user onto the network with only a couple of clicks within an email client.

The Guest Ambassador system supplies an email list of nominated Ambassadors whom can then authorize the access of guests from a simple Yes / No window.

The Guest ambassador account gives organisations an easy way to restrict guest access to a wireless network, granting access to your guest WiFi on an individual basis for increased security without increased complexity.


Secure Dashboard

Guest ambassadors can create temporary login credentials for your guest network. Access to the wireless network can be tightly controlled, but a receptionist or office manager can quickly grant network access to a visitor without danger of changing any network settings.

Splash Access Ambassador for Cisco Meraki AP’s offers the following:

  • Ambassadors can authorize access by a click on an email
  • Specific Guest Ambassadors can be controlled from the admin
  • Domain security can be created in the portal to allow only certain domains to access the email Ambassadors
  • Set and individual timer for each visitor section.

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