October 2017

Expanding the Switch Portfolio

We are pleased to announced that we have expanded our switch line to include new...
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Field Day Cisco Meraki

Splash Access featured at Cisco Meraki Wireless Field Day

Raj Krishna, Wireless Product Manager, presents the Cisco Meraki wireless platform. He discusses enterprise integration,...
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Meraki AD

Cisco Meraki Active Directory and LDAP Server support

Meraki MR/MX AD Support. Cisco Meraki devices (MR access points and MX security appliances)support the...
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Bringing IT & OT Together to Solve Manufacturing Challenges

While numerous technologies are involved in helping manufacturers embrace the possibilities of Industry 4.0 —...
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Access control

Critical 802.11r vulnerability disclosed for wireless networks

Several critical new security vulnerabilities have just been announced that affect wireless networks using either...
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